Altru Therapy Services
Available through NCHS
A wide variety of services are provided through our therapy
department and are often covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and
other insurances if coverage criteria is met.

PHYSICAL THERAPY is available Monday through Friday for inpatients
and outpatients. Among the specialty care provided are:

•Cardiac Rehab
•Post-Surgical Rehab
•Spine Care
•Sports Screens
•Chronic Pain Care
•Home Assessment
•Gait Training
•Fall Risk Assessment
•Balance Training

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY services are available up to five days a
week for inpatients and outpatients. Among the special services are:

•Assessments and Training in Activities of Daily Living
•Upper Extremity Functioning Assessments
•Cognitive Assessments and Training
•Wheelchair Evaluations
•Homemaking Skills
•Dysphasia Screenings
•Cardiac Rehab
•Hand Therapy
•Ergonomics Assessment
•Work Hardening Assessments and Training
•Arthritis Assessments and Treatment
•Adaptive Equipment Prescriptions and Training

our facilities two or more days a week for both inpatients and outpatients.
Among these services are the evaluation and treatment of:

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