Our History
About Nelson County
Health System
Nelson County Health System is currently the largest rural health care
delivery system serving the smallest and oldest population
in the United States; employing over 100 people from
Nelson County and the surrounding areas.
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Mission Statement:
The mission of Nelson County Health System is to enhance the
health status and quality of life for peoples and communities served.

Vision Statement:
Nelson County Health System's vision is to provide leadership, working
in partnership with others, to ensure continued access to a quality
continuum of health care and related services.
Original 1916 Hospital Construction
Dr. A. O. Arneson began practicing as a physician in McVille in 1906. He continued until
his death in 1942. Following Dr. Arneson's death, Dr. Muus began his practice.

In 1957 a
six bed addition was constructed onto the hospital. It was modernized in 1974,
the original unit ra
ised, and a replacement built.

Nelson County Health Center Care Center was dedicated on July 3, 1963 and was
originally designed to serve the area as a Rehabilitation Center. In April of 1966, the
Center was purchased by Friendship Homes Inc., and began to serve as a skilled nursing
home. The City of McVille purchased the Center on January 1, 1998. It is a 39 bed facility
offering skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, hospice, and respite care.

The clinic facility in McVille was completed in 1968 and Dr. Dale Iverson was welcomed
to the community as physician in 1970. Currently it is staffed by one physician and a
nurse practitioner.

In 1972, the name was changed from Community Hospital at McVille to Community
Hospital in Nelson County and an effort was made to better serve the health needs of the
entire area.

In 1974, the assets of the hospital were deeded to the city of McVille in order
to better-enable the financing of the building project. Since that time, the debt has be
en retired and the hospital has been deeded back to the organization.
The name was
later changed to Nelson County Health System.

In 2000, the hospital was designated as a 20-bed Critical Access Hospital with a Swing
Bed program. This allowed cost-based reimbursement and improved efficiencies. The
McVille Medical Clinic and Lakota Health Center both became Rural Health Clinics.

The NCHS Assisted Living was built in 2010/2011. The new assisted living center, located

at 514 N. Olsgard St., is an addition to the NCHS Care Center. It wraps around the north
side of the building, creating an outdoor courtyard for residents. It is decorated in an arts
and crafts décor, with featuring warm colors of tans, browns and adobe with rich
walnut-color. Oak doors line the halls, dining, and lounge and entrance areas. Skylights
provide natural light in the main hallway. The building is equipped with a geothermal
heating/cooling system. It includes
four two-bedroom and eight one-bedroom private
rental apartments.

In a time of changing health care and financing in rural areas, changes continue to be
made in services provided by NCHS.
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Nelson County Health System provides excellent Health Care for
Nelson County and Surrounding Areas.
As a Multi-Functional organization, we offer several services including:  
Clinical, Laboratory, Hospital, Swingbed, Telemedicine,
Emergency Room, Assisted Living, and Long Term Care,
as well as Hospice, Home Health and Therapy Services.