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Memorials are a meaningful way to honor a loved one.  All memorials, regardless of the amount, are an important source of revenue for the Nelson County Health Services Foundation.  Combined, their value can accomplish great things.  When giving a memorial to NCHS Foundation, you can designate what you would like your money used for or simply allow it to be used at the discretion of the Foundation Board of Directors for the health system’s most current or urgent need.  Rest assured, money given in memory of a loved one will be used for an important and meaningful purpose.  Best of all, when donating to the NCHS Foundation, you are assured your money is spent locally, within the Nelson County Health System. 

Planned Giving:

Meet your personal financial goals while making a difference for our future.

Planned gifts could include a bequest made through your will or trust. It is one of the most popular and flexible ways that you can support our organization. With the help of your advisor, you can include language in your will or trust specifying a gift be made to Nelson County Health Services Foundation as part of your estate plan.

Stocks or Bonds

A gift of stock, bonds or other appreciated assets (if held more than 12 months) could receive an income tax deduction based upon the current value of the property.  NCHSF has an established investment account to help simplify the process of transferring stock.  

Life Insurance:

Naming Nelson County Health Services Foundation as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy is a simple way to provide a donation to our local health system.  This also ensures the privacy of the transaction, which can be important for donors who wish to keep their gifting intentions private.


Nelson County Health Services Foundation is partnered with the North Dakota Community Foundation to create an endowment for our organization. Gifts to an organizations endowment fund may qualify for a 40% State Tax Credit.

To support the Nelson County Health Services Foundation Agency Endowment Fund through the North Dakota Community Foundation, please click here.

Gifts of Agricultural Commodities

A farmer who actively engages in farming can have significant tax savings by donating grain or other agricultural commodity directly to a Nelson County Health Services Foundation.  NCHSF would make money by selling the donated grain and the farmer would receive tax reductions greater than just donating cash.  Gifts of agricultural commodities to NCHSF would qualify for the tax reductions and help support local projects and programs at Nelson County Health System.

NCHSF would work with you and your tax advisor to set up this donation properly to save on federal, state and self-employment taxes.

Please Consider Donating Directly to the Nelson County Health Services Foundation by clicking on the Impact Foundation image to the Right